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16 November 2018

Family businesses are a unique operation.  Therefore, they need a unique way of developing leaders and succession planning.  There are many ways to do this, but not all of them capture the unique needs of families.  Theory suggests there are four phases to any successful family leadership and...

15 November 2018

The total value of superannuation savings today is around $2.7 trillion, making it the fourth largest retirement savings pool in the world - a remarkable figure for a nation of just 25 million people.

15 November 2018

AASB 16 Leases, paragraph Aus25.1 (inserted by AASB 1058 Income of Not-for-Profit Entities) requires not-for-profit (NFP) lessees to fair value their right-of-use (ROU) assets subject to ‘peppercorn leases’ (i.e. those with significantly below-market terms and conditions) for annual periods...

14 November 2018

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) released the Final Report of the Prudential Inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) in May of this year. This looked at the frameworks and practices in relation to the governance, culture and accountability within the...

07 November 2018

It is by now clear that in today’s digital economy cyber security incidents are a serious threat to any business. There is a true ‘rising tide’ in the frequency, sophistication, and financial impact resulting from cyber attacks targeted at Australian businesses, large and small.

07 November 2018

The annual Australian Financial Review (AFR) Top 100 Accounting Firms report has been released today, and places BDO in Australia as the fastest growing mid-tier firm in the country.

05 November 2018

The power of a good narrative can’t be underestimated. We no longer interact with brands only to buy. That can be done anywhere, anytime. We go to experience, feel and be connected with the brand.

05 November 2018

This year BDO has been running regular roundtable events with senior mining executives to discuss the opportunities and challenges that face the industry.

02 November 2018

It's a common misconception that innovation and change is about new computers and electronics - essentially just a matter of technology. It's not. Innovation can mean anything, from processes and procedures to people.

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